Career Options for Medical Students

Are you a pre-medical student who is going to graduate from your high school really soon? Are you actually worried that what would you become in the near future and what are the possible career options in medicine? If yes, then perhaps we have the answers for all of your questions. Let us start from the basic misconception that the students that are from pre-medical have limited career options. First of all, the old school of thought, that if you study medicine, you necessarily have to work in a hospital is completely WRONG. The basic problem with our society is that we always like to stick with the olden ways and concepts. The advancements in science are now huge, and there are number of new fields that have emerged now. The healthcare industry is no longer confined to M.B.BS, BDS or Nursing only. Now it is not necessary that if you took biology as you major subject during high school, you have to become a doctor only, or your life is finished. There are number fields that will not only welcome you, but they will also provide you with an excellent chance of career growth and development in the future. The lists of some possible career options for the pre-med students are given below.


Pharmacy (PHARM-D)

The profession of pharmacy, which was lately not that famous, has been emerging as one of the fastest growing professions in the healthcare industries. The schools of pharmacy are providing the students with a doctor of pharmacy degree, with a variety of sub-divisions in terms of the environment they choose to make their career in. The pharmacy profession is not just limited to the small scale community pharmacies only, but the enormous pharmaceutical industries, the hospital pharmacy and clinical pharmacy are the sub branches of the field that gives the students with more career options.


Biotechnology (Bachelor of Science)

The BS (Bachelor of Science) in biotechnology is quite a new field, which has gained a lot of popularity lately. This field is actually an advanced complex blend of molecular sciences and biotechnology, with major subjects like genetics, bio molecular system, enzymolog, Recombinant DNA Technology and vice versa. The career growth in this field in expected to increase even more by the end of 2020.


Nutrition and Dietetics

Today man is more concerned in finding out the precautions rather than cures. Nutrition and dietetics is a field that completely focuses on the nutritional balance and provision of proper healthy diet to avoid future problems. The dietetics actually study and work to promote better health and prevent occurrence of various diseases. The nutritionists and dietetics promote better health of the public population and therefore, are the vital parts of the healthcare system.


Neuroscience (BS Neuroscience)

Brain is the vital organ of the human body. The comparatively new field of medicine is the bachelors in neuroscience. The students of neuroscience studies the functions of brain and its vital structure in relation to the problems one might experience.


Forensic Science (BS Forensic Science)

Forensic science refers to the study that teaches how to gather the forensic data and examine it. It is rather a critical and really important branch, and the career is the legal side is quite promising.


These are just a few examples of the majors you can choose after you are done with your high school education. There are many other fields as well, including Biochemistry, Horticulture, Botany, Microbiology and vice versa. So if you do not get admission in M.B.B.S or BDS, don’t think that your life is finished. You still have a lot of options available. Explore them and chose the one that you think suits you best. It’s time to step in the modern era, and leave the old school behind.


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